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A LumberjAxe Recap of 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

As a new year is upon us all, the team at LumberjAxe Food Company would like to take the time to take a look back at 2021 and all that we have achieved since the start of our business. From demo days to rub releases, we had a jam packed 2021 that can't wait to share!

Our company birthed from a passion for BBQ and

business. Ourselves, Brendon and Jaydon, 2 brothers took a leap in order to create a new business within a crowded market. We knew we had to do 1 thing, and that was to create the best products to grow within the industry. Having been involved with family BBQ cooks since childhood, our business was a natural progression for us to enter into. Our aim was to create a new exciting range of products for the BBQ community, we were extremely interested in the new growing UK BBQ community and knew that we had a way to bring people together during a time of crisis.

Having worked hard on our overall branding; name and logo, we set out to create our first product, the sweet barbeque rub. After going out on a limb and making an original batch of 100 rubs, we gave ourselves a target to sell them all within 2 weeks. Through word of mouth, hard work, and determination we sold out before the targeted date. Our sweet BBQ rub was greatly received from many key personnel in the BBQ world.

With the great succession of our first rub, we then went on to release Hot Buffalo, The T-Bone and Garlic & Herb rubs to create what we now refer to as The LumberjAxe Original 4.

Whilst building the buzz of the brand and speaking to like-minded people we decided to build a team of LumberjAxe Ambassadors to help us spread the word of what we had to offer. This has now grew into an amazing team of 10 BBQ enthusiasts who are as excited about the company as we are. We thank each and every person for what they do for us and our company and are proud to have them onboard.

As a result of our business being started during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to show and sell our products at any farmers markets, night markets, and events. We had to think of other ways to grow the business during this time; so we got together with the BBQ community during our LumberjAxe lives and giveaways.

During this time, to broaden and expand the flavour profiles LumberjAxe had to offer, we began the release of our Hank Around the World series. Being greatly received from the public, this enabled us to create some of our best sellers: Brazilian Tempero, Tandoori Masala and Roots Rock and Reggae.

To expand on our already successful BBQ rub products we decided to release a range of merchandise including trucker hats, t-shirts, and hoodies. Moreover, we also released our highly anticipated range of salt products including dirt road salt, checkered salt.

In the month of July we joined @bbqstoreuk in Solihull for a demo day with Paul, Anna, and the team, as well as a few LumberjAxe Ambassadors - @rsd_davco and cooking with @beardandbbq_ as well as meeting @primogrillsuk. Whilst there, it was great to finally be out with the public around good people, amazing food, and lovely rubs. We hope to do a lot more of these with @bbqstoreuk in 2022.

With lockdown easing, we were finally safe to start attending markets and garden shows to start selling our products and pushing the brand further with the general public. This allowed us to start growing our business outside of wholesale clients and online orders.

After successful previous demo days, we headed down to the guys over in Milton Keynes. It was a great day mixing with the BBQ community, cooking our signature LumberjAxe the T-Bone smash burgers which was well received!

To see out the year and the festive period, we have been planning on where we would like to steer the business over the next 12 months.

So from everyone here at the LumberjAxe Team, thank you for your continued support and a very happy new year to all! Here's to a very strong and exciting 2022!

Special thanks to our ambassadors: @rsd_davco @smokeymaysbbq @tonelewis_bbq @rainycitybbq @beardandbbq_ @deano565 @bodypiercingbystaff @pitmaster_pedro @boss_hoggs_bbq @grillandben


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