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LumberjAxe x BBQ Store UK Demo Day

We started the day a few week ago, heading towards the M42 on our way to Solihull to meet Paul and the team over at BBQ Store UK. We are proud to offer a wide range of BBQ seasonings, and we wanted to show how versatile these seasonings can be. On our recent trip to The BBQ Store UK's demo day, we used our seasonings on everything from beef to potatoes.

One of the things that we do well at LumberjAxe Food Company is creating a range of seasonings and sauces that can be used on any type of cook that you desire.

First of all, our Louisiana Cajun went down a storm on these baby potatoes with a side of rosemary. The smoky flavour of the cajun seasoning pairs perfectly with the smokiness from the grill to create a fantastic flavour that can't be found elsewhere.

Of course, we didn't forget about the meat! We used our mouth-watering T-Bone seasoning on this perfect T-Bone steak to add a great kick to this dish. The flavours once cooked were incredible and Paul's customers couldn't get enough! Packed with everything from smoked paprika, to toasted onions, the T-Bone seasoning was a perfect addition to this piece of meat.

Overall, even with the wintery conditions in force, the demo day at the BBQ Store Solihull was a great day out. We loved showing our customers how versatile our BBQ seasonings can be. Whether you're grilling up some meat or roasting vegetables, our seasonings are the perfect way to add some delicious flavour to your dishes.

If you missed our demo day, don't worry! You can always stop by The BBQ Store UK in Solihull to check out our range of seasonings and get some inspiration for your next BBQ.

The LumberjAxe Team!


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